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Dr. Trent Stevens
Your North Logan Chiropractor

 "My name is Jay Ball. I live in Smithfield Utah. I highly recommend Dr. Stevens for any joint injury, here's why. I hurt my shoulder when I lost control and toppled when playing tag with my kids. Had I fallen on the grass I think I would have been OK. But I landed on the pavement when I rolled into the street. Unfortunately my right shoulder took the full impact of the tumble. I didn't want to admit that it was serious with Mother in law and family all having witnessed the graceful stumble, but I could feel my body go into a light state of shock. After a sleepless night I decided to go in to get it looked at. No fracture, but my shoulder was badly traumatized. The Doctor gave me a sling and some pain killers and said to just take it easy for the next few weeks and let it heal. I was frustrated that my daily workout routine was on hold. I couldn't do anything and I hated the idea of falling out of shape. I found Dr Stevens several weeks later while searching on the internet for workouts or exercises that I could do with a shoulder injury. Several people on different forums related positive experiences they had with something called A.R.T. So I searched and found that Dr. Stevens was the only local practitioner of this technique and I gave him a call. I'm glad I did. After my first visit with Dr Stevens I could roll over in bed for the first time since my injury. It felt good to pull a shirt over my head without any sharp pain in my shoulder. I was able to return back to my workout routine. Of course, I didn't start with a full set of 70 pushups as before, but it felt good to be able to do them without the sting of pain that I felt in my shoulder when I tried doing them before the ART treatment. I can't say I had no more pain in my shoulder after the ART treatment, but the sharpness of the pain that I felt before was now replaced by a duller soreness that came with increased range of motion. I'm very pleased with the results. Dr. Stevens was very friendly. He took time to fully understand my problem before recommending treatment and his skill with the ART technique has definitely made a difference for me. "


Hi, My name is Kolette Thompson. I was very leery about Chiropractors and did my research before I found Doctor Stevens. My husband and I talked with him and he made a lot of sense. I love that I didn't have to sign up for a $3000 dollar plan to help me feel better. My neck was giving me a lot of pain to where I couldn't even turn my head, sleeping was a nightmare. I'm so glad I went in and gave this ART treatment a try. After the first visit I had more mobility and the pain almost gone. I have been 3 times and it's like night and day. I'm able to work out again and sleep without pain. I would strongly suggest giving ART a try. It worked for me. :)

chmusic therapist 

    Dr. Stevens is an excellent chiropractor. He is very approachable, understanding, and genuinely interested in improving his patients' health and well-being. If you have soft tissue damage or an existing injury like carpal tunnel, Dr. Stevens is the one to help. My story: Two years ago, I suffered a repetitive strain injury to both arms, wrists, and hands. This left me unable to accomplish basic tasks such as dishes, laundry, grocery shopping, etc. I am a graduate student studying piano, and as you can imagine this injury has been very crippling to my career path and educational goals. I have been to many doctors and specialists, and have even completely retrained my movements at the piano, with little improvement in my pain and functioning level. Dr. Stevens and his ART treatments have greatly reduced my pain and allowed my body to heal properly. My pain is gone after only 4 treatments! I am now looking forward to finishing my degree and getting my life back! Thank you Dr. Stevens for choosing Logan for your chiropractic practice and for providing me with great care.


I love coming to SMR Chiropractic. Dr. Stevens is very professional and was able to get me an appointment the first day that I called. I've had awful lower back pain for years, and after seeing other chiropractors the pain would just come back after a few days. After my first appointment with Dr. Stevens, there was a HUGE difference, and now that I have been coming for a few weeks my back is completely pain-free. His A.R.T. treatments were able to treat the actual source of my pain, instead of temporarily making it seem better!


I came in with severe back pain and within 6 visits I was much better. Dr. Stevens is very kind and knowledgeable. His staff is friendly and helpful also. I would highly recommend him if you are in pain!


Very professional, high quality experience at SMR Chiropractic. My back pain has been getting better and better over the last few weeks since I started coming here. So thankful!


My experience with Dr. Stevens has been very positive. His friendly, gentle manner makes appointments pleasant. I feel he is knowledgeable and well trained in his profession. His concern for his patients is formost.


I don't know if you remember me but I came to you this last Winter/Spring not knowing what to do about my back pain. I was diagnosed with spinal stenosis 2 years ago and after much physical therapy and doctors looking at my MRI, I couldn't find any relief! Then I met you! :) After a couple of treatments and education on how to maintain that relief I haven't had issues with my back since! I am now training for my second half marathon and my back still feels great! I didn't believe in chiropractic's before I met you now I don't think there is any other way! I actually recommend you to everyone I meet even though I am in Salt Lake now! I just wanted to let you know that I am extremely grateful! :) Thanks so much Dr. Stevens!


I came to Dr. Darcee Schmidt for prenatal care. With my first pregnancy, I had sciatic pain for the last couple of months, which led to difficulty walking, lots of discomfort and a long birth. After birth and several years of lugging around a heavy baby and toddler, my hips were out of whack, and I had a lot of lower back pain.  I wanted to be proactive for this pregnancy, and prenatal chiropractic care was recommended to me by several doctors and midwives.

I had never been to a chiropractor before and was extremely nervous and asking, "what would be done and could it really help."  My first appointment with Dr. Darcee put me at instant ease.  She not only helped diagnose what was causing my pain but showed me with a cool computer graphic how my alignment was effecting certian muscles that were effecting nerves and causing all of that pain. After several sessions, my pain was gone. I no longer had to get up from my desk at work every 20 minutes to stretch and sitting in traffic was not something I had to fear anymore.  A few weeks after that, I honestly felt so good that I could run a marathon!

As my belly has gotten bigger, I have not experienced the round ligament pain and hip soreness that plagued my first pregnancy.  I sleep much better without the help of the cumbersome preganancy pillow. And I am more confident in my body's ability to carry me through the rest of the pregnancy and through labor. Dr. Darcee is so warm and friendly that I look forward to my visits not just because I know I will leave feeling great but because I will leave with a smile on my face.


I have seen Dr. Darcee several times over the past eight or nine months for an issue related to tight hips and a tight IT Band. From the first visit, I felt confident in Dr. Darcee's A.R.T techniques which allowed me to recover quickly and get back to what I love doing, which is running. At one point, I couldn't go past a mile without injuries creeping in. Through several different avenues, including A.R.T and Graston, I am back to longer distances and am in the best shape of my life. I feel Dr. Darcee goes above and beyond just the office visit as well. She provided resources on stretches and exercises that I could take home and perform on my own.

As someone that visits with runners and people that live active lifestyles daily and is pretty familiar with injury prevention products and techniques, I highly recommend Dr. Darcee! She helped get me back on the road and I feel confident she can do the same for you!

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