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  • Dr. Trent Stevens
    Dr. Trent Stevens

    Dr. Trent Stevens is happily married to Daniele and they have three young children that keep them busy. In their spare time they love to spend it outdoors, whether it’s camping, hiking, or sledding. Both Trent and Daniele are originally from Ashton, ID, just north of Rexburg and about three hours from here. They chose Logan because of the surrounding beauty, the warmness of the people, and to be close to family.

    Dr. Stevens loves the outdoors including hiking, fishing, and whenever possible, playing volleyball. He is dedicated to serving the people in Logan and is constantly striving to be the best, knowing that success comes with hard work and continuous education. In a healthcare system where patients don't get the time they deserve with their health care professionals, Dr. Stevens works hard taking the time necessary with each patient to listen and understand their conditions. He understands the importance of educating his patients on their particular conditions, so they can know how to best care for themselves. Dr. Stevens has goals for each patient when they come into his office:

    • Getting them better as quickly and efficiently as possible,
    • Educating the patient on proper body mechanics,
    • Giving patients proper instruction and demonstrations for at-home exercises.

    With these steps, patients will have the tools necessary to prevent reoccurring episodes and further injury.

    Dr. Stevens is a strong believer in treating soft tissue when it comes to joints and pain. He understands the importance of an adjustment but without addressing the soft tissue, which 9 times out of 10 is the problem, the patient will not fully recover and get better quickly. That is why he has been full body certified in Active Release Technique, a state of the art massage therapy that addresses soft tissue problems. Ever since he has been using A.R.T., coupled with adjustments, he has noticed his patients getting better sooner and the treatments lasting much longer, leading to very satisfied patients.

    Dr. Stevens is a firm believer in what he does as an alternative to surgery and other medical treatments, but at the same time realizes not everything can be fixed by chiropractic. With this in mind, Dr. Stevens has built a network with other health care professionals so he can refer his patients out when necessary. He believes it is important to consult with other professionals when needed. He will be honest and direct with patients on what he believes is best for them.

    Dr. Trent Stevens graduated from Logan College of Chiropractic. In his senior year at Logan college he wrote a literature review on pregnancy and low back pain and studied the effects conservative treatment has in relieving back pain with pregnancy. He is currently certified in ART, active release technique, a soft tissue technique used to correct muscle and ligament injuries and is trained in other techniques aimed at increasing spinal motion. He attended BYU-I for his undergraduate education and both him and his wife are originally from Ashton ID.



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